Three sizes for the hobby pet keeper to the serious breeder are available.

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• 1L Stratiolaelaps/Hypoaspis (25,000) - $45.00  
• *0.5L Stratiolaelaps/Hypoaspis (10,000) - $30.00
• 1 vial 1,000 mites Mite-T - $22.60

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*0.5L Is only available for pick up here at he facility or most reptile expos in central Canada

Discretion is the better part of valour.

But it doesn't have to be, and sometimes preventive measures are  what keeps you at ease and your collection clean.

Got snake mites, fungus gnats?  Those little black bugs or flies?  What a nightmare!

STRATIOLAELAPS SCIMITUS, or predator mite.  These little guys are on the top of the food chain in their micro organism world.  At 1 mm, these beneficial insects prey upon anything that's within 5 times their size and just like the large predators, they move quickly and pursue their prey and feed upon it.  These guys are handy at cleaning up enclosures that are rich with fungus gnats, root mealybugs, sciarid flies, springtails, thrip larva and other soil dwelling insects, and yes they are very good at consuming snake mites.  Their life cycle is similar to that of a snake mite, and while they cycle, they rapidly multiply as they reduce their prey.  They do not bother reptiles as they are not a parasitic insect, and do not feed on reptile blood.  In the case of snake mites, they wait in the substrate for the juvenile mites to wander by, or the mature mites to finish feeding, and then they are consumed.  Once they eat all of their prey, the predator mites will continue to eat each other until their numbers are drastically reduced.  They will then go on to eat organic matter and left over waste, and continue to live in reduced numbers until more prey is introduced. It is suggested that they will maintain presence in an enclosure, protecting your collection until the substrate is fully replaced.  This treatment will require some sort of natural substrate, as paper towel or newsprint will not work to maintain them.  This is a great alternative to pesticides; let's face it, being green is much better, and with this method much easier too.  A collection of 300 animals can be treated in 45 minutes.

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