* Deposit Terms for 3 months(90 days), non-refundable. After 3 months and without a mutual agreement between both parties, the deposit will be forfeited and the animal will be relisted. Animals will not be released until payment is made in full.  

*Shipping and safe transport is the responsibility of the purchaser.  Please let us know if you would like us to arrange this on your behalf.  Animals will be guaranteed by T.Dot Exotics during shipping provided animals are recieved within 4 hours of arrival. Shipping cost to be covered by carrier or purchaser.   Insulated carriers and heat packs may be required depending on climate. Secure snake bag will be provided

* We guarantee this animal to be properly sexed, is an established feeder and in perfect health at time of purchase. Buyer must sex the animal with in the 1st 30 days.  Replacement is limited to original purchase price.  Health guarantee is 90 days from purchase or  from final payment provided proper husbandry care is provided. We also provide 1 year good will policy which covers 50% of purchase price should an animal decease in your care.

* Proper care and husbandry is the sole responsibility of the owner.  This includes feeding, breeding, and medical attention.  We provide lifetime care advice and are always easy to contact for advice.   If you are not an experienced keeper we recommend doing research before you purchase.  Feel free to contact us for any help you need along the way 

*  We reserve the right to refuse sale of any animal at our discretion.

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